; Mythradon Professional is designed for businesses ready to elevate their operations beyond the startup phase. With a minimum of 5 user accounts, it builds on the core functionalities of Mythradon Essentials and integrates advanced Sales, Marketing, and Customer Service tools, providing a powerful boost to your business.
Mythradon Professional

Unlock Your Business's Full Potential

For businesses ready to elevate their operations beyond the startup phase. With a minimum of 5 user accounts, Mythradon Professional builds on the core functionalities of Mythradon Essentials and integrates advanced Sales, Marketing, and Customer Service tools, providing a powerful boost to your business.


The Mythradon Professional subscription plan has been carefully designed and priced to specifically address the requirements of small to medium-sized businesses, typically with three or more staff members.

This plan includes all the out-of-the-box capabilities and features provided in the Mythradon Essentials plan. Additionally, it incorporates a range of supplementary features designed to meet the demands of more established businesses. These include customer and partner portals, tools for platform customisation and enhancement, as well as the exposure of the Mythradon Platform APIs to support integration with other systems and streamline end-to-end business processes.

The subscription plan for Mythradon Professional incorporates the Mythradon Entity Manager and Layout Manager. These tools are akin to having your private database in the cloud, providing you the authority to generate custom entities, introduce and modify fields, lists, forms, etc., all with extensive data access control. This functionality proves invaluable for distinct projects where you intend to migrate away from spreadsheets and file directories.

This plan provides a cost-effective business application platform featuring a comprehensive CRM, ideal for automating and streamlining business processes. It aims to reduce costs, boost revenue, and enhance customer and partner service.

Key Features

  • Multiple User Accounts: benefit from the inclusion of five separate user accounts, allowing for versatile access and collaboration within the platform. Additional user licenses can be purchased as required.

  • Customer Portal: Mythradon Professional comes with a single Customer Portal that can be effortlessly and promptly configured, allowing your customers to engage in self-service.

  • Partner Portal: Mythradon Professional includes a single Partner Portal, which can be configured independently from your Customer Portals. This feature enables your partners to engage in self-service that is distinct from what your customers may have access to.

  • Portal Users: included in this plan is licenses for up to 100 portal users across both your Customer and Partner Portals. Blocks of additional users can also be purchased.

  • Concurrent Logins: allows Internal Users to access the Mythradon platform simultaneously from multiple web browsers or devices without invalidating the login session. It provides the flexibility for users to seamlessly switch between devices or browsers without invalidating other login sessions.

  • Company Domain Support: support for a customised URL, such as 'crm.acme.com', to access the Mythradon platform. This feature holds significant value for companies in various ways, primarily centred around branding and user confidence.

  • Email-to-Case: allow seamless and efficient processing of incoming emails into actionable support cases. This feature simplifies the process of capturing and managing customer inquiries, requests, and issues sent via email, automatically converting them into tracked support cases within the platform. By streamlining email communication and case creation, Mythradon ensures that customer inquiries are promptly addressed, assigned, and resolved by support teams, ultimately enhancing the efficiency and responsiveness of customer service processes. This feature helps businesses maintain a high standard of customer support while optimising their case management workflow within the Mythradon platform.

  • Case Automation: streamlines the handling of customer support cases and improve customer service with Case Automation Rules. This feature allows businesses to define and automate specific workflows, actions, and responses based on predefined criteria, ensuring efficient case resolution and consistency in customer service. With capabilities for automated case assignment, status updates, notifications, and follow-up actions, Mythradon's Case Automation simplifies and accelerates the case management process, reducing manual effort and human error.

  • Group/Shared Email Accounts: provide a convenient team collaboration solution through the allocation of shared email accounts tailored to each team's needs. This feature enables team members to collaboratively send and receive emails via a common group account, thus simplifying communication and elevating overall team productivity, all within Mythradon's centralised email management.

  • Group Email Folders: enable a collaborative and organised approach to email management for teams. Administrators have the authority to create and assign group email folders to specific teams, regulating access accordingly. These folders allow for seamless sharing and categorisation of emails, ensuring efficient collaboration and coordination. Emails moved from a group folder to a personal folder or inbox are automatically unlinked from the group folder, providing users with flexibility in their email organisation. Additionally, the system supports the automatic placement of inbound emails from group email accounts into designated group folders and the ability to move emails matching specific filters to these folders. Users with access to a group folder can manage their emails within it, while restrictions prevent emails from being moved to folders outside the user's access, enhancing email organisation and team collaboration within the Mythradon platform.

  • Entity Manager: is a powerful tool for system administrators and developers, granting them the flexibility to tailor their Mythradon instance to accommodate their specific needs. Within the Entity Manager, users have the capacity to introduce new entities of various entity types or fine-tune existing ones by adjusting labels and the default field order in list views. They can also create new fields from a diverse array of over 25 data types, spanning text, numbers, dates, and specialised multi-field data types like addresses, currency, and risk matrix fields. Additionally, the Entity Manager facilitates the establishment of diverse relationships between entities, including one-to-many, many-to-many, and many-to-one connections, promoting comprehensive customisation and adaptability to align with the organisation's unique requirements within the Mythradon platform. Notably, Mythradon distinguishes itself from many other CRM systems by not imposing any practical limits on the number of entities or fields that companies may choose to create.

  • Layout Manager: empowers users to extensively customise the appearance and functionality of various views and forms within the platform. This includes the ability to tailor the layout and design of detail, edit, and list views, as well as customise search filters and fields for mass-update forms, ensuring a user interface that aligns with specific requirements. The Layout Manager accommodates a range of layout types, encompassing list views, detailed form views, search filters, side panels, kanban views, and more. Additionally, it offers dynamic field visibility and editability, allowing for precise control over when and how specific fields are displayed and can be edited, resulting in a highly personalised and responsive user experience.

  • Label Manager: is a configuration tool tailored for system administrators and developers, providing the flexibility to swiftly re-label fields within the system to align with your company's specific business terminology. This tool offers two key advantages: first, it enables users to easily configure the labels in Mythradon, ensuring that the platform's terminology matches your business needs. Second, it supports multi-lingual capabilities through a translation feature, allowing users to configure labels in different languages, enhancing accessibility and usability for a diverse user base while promoting a smooth integration of Mythradon into various international contexts.

  • Template Manager: is used for managing system email templates, offering a wide array of templates tailored to specific communication needs. These templates encompass various functions, including Two-Factor Authentication code notifications, access information for new users, assignment notifications for cases, leads, opportunities, and tasks, invitations for calls and meetings, mentions in streams, notes about posts, status update notifications, password change links, and reminders for upcoming calls, meetings, and tasks. This functionality empowers businesses to standardise and brand their communications effectively, ensuring a consistent and professional representation across all email notifications and interactions within the Mythradon platform.

  • Layout Sets: offer a dynamic solution for tailoring layouts to the unique needs of teams and portals. System administrators and developers can create Layout Set records to define custom layouts that deviate from the standard ones established in the Layout Manager. These specialised layouts can be associated with specific teams and portals, enabling them to override the standard layout configurations. This feature enhances flexibility and adaptability, allowing different groups within the organisation to work with layouts that best suit their specific requirements and preferences, ultimately optimising the user experience within the Mythradon platform.

  • API Support: Mythradon's APIs offer JSON REST-style functionality, covering a broad range of capabilities, including CRUD operations. These APIs are dynamically generated for entities and fields configured through the Mythradon Entity Manager, providing an efficient and adaptable means of interaction. Adhering to JSON REST standards, the platform's APIs prioritise security and authenticated access. They accommodate specialised user accounts and roles for endpoint restriction, offering options for HMAC or key-based authentication to ensure the integrity of incoming requests. Additionally, all API interactions are meticulously recorded in audit logs, facilitating analysis and troubleshooting and ensuring a seamless and secure integration with external systems.

  • API Users: are a vital component for regulating system access via the API, facilitating granular control over the available functionality and data accessible to the API user. These users are distinct from regular system users and are exclusively designated for API endpoint access, ensuring a clear separation of roles and privileges. The management of access control levels is efficiently orchestrated through the assignment of specific Roles, allowing organisations to fine-tune the API's reach within the Mythradon system. The Professional Plan includes one API user. Additional API users can be purchased at the standard user price.

  • Webhooks: are a powerful mechanism enabling seamless integration with other applications within your organisation by allowing them to subscribe to specific events in Mythradon and receive pertinent data associated with those events. The extent of information provided by a webhook is managed through the API user linked to it in Mythradon, offering fine-grained control over the data shared.

  • App Store: Empower your system with expanded capabilities by installing prebuilt apps from the Mythradon App Store, a feature accessible with the Mythradon Professional and Enterprise subscription plans. Whether you need integration with your Xero accounting system, aim to automate contract management, or handle stock quantities across multiple warehouses, the Mythradon App Store offers valuable extensions to the standard Mythradon platform.

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