; Mythradon's Account and Contact Management functionality is a cornerstone of effective customer relationship management. It empowers businesses to efficiently organise, track, and nurture their interactions with clients and prospects. With seamless integration of contact details, communication history, and important notes, it provides a 360-degree view of every relationship. Users can effortlessly manage accounts, contacts, and related data, ensuring that each interaction is informed, personalised, and timely. Mythradon's Account and Contact Management is an indispensable tool for businesses looking to strengthen client relationships, enhance customer experiences, and drive long-term success.
Unlocking Customer Relationships with Mythradon's

Account & Contact Management

Mythradon's Account and Contact Management functionality is a cornerstone of effective customer relationship management. It empowers businesses to efficiently organise, track, and nurture their interactions with clients and prospects. With seamless integration of contact details, communication history, and important notes, it provides a 360-degree view of every relationship.


Welcome to the heart of efficient customer relationship management. Mythradon's Account and Contact Management functionality empowers your business with the tools it needs to foster strong connections and streamline operations. With an array of features designed to effectively organise and handle crucial customer information. It allows businesses to systematically manage and maintain a comprehensive database of both accounts, contacts and their relationships.

This functionality enables users to create, update, and store essential details pertaining to customer accounts, including company information, account history, and associated contacts. Additionally, it facilitates the management of individual contacts within these accounts, providing a centralised platform to store contact information, communication history, interactions, and preferences.

Moreover, Mythradon's Account and Contact Management functionality includes features for segmentation, categorisation, and tracking of interactions. It allows businesses to segment accounts and contacts based on various criteria, facilitating targeted communication and personalised engagement strategies. This functionality streamlines communication, enhances customer relationships, and fosters more efficient and organised customer management processes.

Account Detail View
The Mythradon Account Detail View presents a comprehensive snapshot of essential information and interactions associated with a particular account within the CRM platform. This view offers a centralised hub displaying crucial data, including company details, contact information, communication history, ongoing activities, associated opportunities or deals, and linked records. Users can access and manage various account-related details, such as address information, key contacts, communication logs, and any ongoing or historical interactions with the account. The Account Detail View provides a holistic overview, empowering users to efficiently track and manage account-specific information, fostering deeper insights and informed decision-making for nurturing customer relationships and driving business growth.
Account Detail View

Highlights of Mythradon's

Account & Contact Management

  • Streamlined Contact Management: With Mythradon, you can bid farewell to cluttered spreadsheets and disconnected contact lists. Our intuitive interface allows you to effortlessly store and manage all your contacts in one centralised location. Whether it's customers, partners, or leads, you'll have instant access to vital information, interaction history, and communication preferences.

  • Multiple Email Addresses & Phone Numbers: Mythradon allows users to store and manage various email addresses and phone numbers associated with both Accounts and Contacts. For Accounts, it enables the recording of multiple email addresses and phone numbers linked to the organisation or company. Similarly, for Contacts, this functionality permits the storage of multiple contact details, such as work, mobile, home phone numbers, Skype and WhatsApp account Ids as well as various email addresses connected to an individual contact.

  • 360-Degree View of Your Customers: Gain a comprehensive understanding of your accounts like never before. Mythradon's Account Management lets you track interactions, transactions, and engagements associated with each account. Identify key decision-makers, monitor purchase history, and tailor your approach to suit the unique needs of every account.

  • Effortless Communication: Communication lies at the heart of successful relationships. With Mythradon, stay connected by seamlessly integrating emails, notes, and tasks into your account and contact records. Respond promptly, set reminders, and collaborate effectively to nurture relationships at every touch point.

  • Intelligent Insights: Unlock valuable insights with Mythradon's reporting and analytics capabilities. Visualise trends, track engagement metrics, and measure the effectiveness of your outreach strategies. Armed with data-driven insights, you can make informed decisions to optimise your approach and drive growth.

  • Customisation for Your Workflow: No two businesses are the same, and that's why Mythradon offers customisable features. Tailor fields, labels, and workflows to align with your unique processes. Whether you're a startup, small business, or enterprise, Mythradon adapts to fit your needs.

  • Secure and Accessible: Rest easy knowing your data is safe with Mythradon's robust security measures. Access controls, data encryption, and regular backups ensure the privacy and integrity of your information. Plus, our cloud-based system means you can manage accounts and contacts from anywhere, anytime.

Integrated Email Client


Integrated Email Client

The integrated email client is a user-friendly interface within the platform that facilitates the creation and sending of emails directly from an account or contact record. This feature allows users to compose new emails conveniently while viewing or editing an account or contact record. Within this dialog, users can input the recipient's email address, subject line, compose the message using a rich text editor, or selecting from a predefined template and attach files if needed. Moreover, it integrates with the user's email client or utilises Mythradon's built-in email system, enabling users to send emails seamlessly without switching between different applications. This functionality streamlines communication efforts, making it easier for users to initiate and track correspondence related to specific accounts or contacts directly from within the Mythradon platform.

Integrated Email Dialog Image
The Mythradon Account - Create New Email Dialog helps you write and send emails while you're looking at an account or contact. You can type in who it's going to, write the subject, type your message, select from a predefined template and attach files if you need to. It makes sending emails easier because you can do it without leaving the account or contact page.
Compose New Email Form
Many-to-Many Relationship

The Many-to-Many Relationship

Seamlessly Connecting Contacts Across Accounts

Mythradon's Account and Contact Management functionality distinguishes itself with its innovative Many-to-Many relationship model between Contacts and Accounts. This approach enables seamless recording of scenarios where an individual contact collaborates with or is affiliated with multiple companies, eliminating the need for duplicating contact records — an issue commonly encountered in various CRM applications.

This relationship structure allows for a more flexible and comprehensive representation of real-world business interactions. It permits a single contact to be associated with multiple accounts, reflecting situations where an individual might hold roles or engagements across diverse companies. As a result, users can efficiently manage and access contact information within the context of different accounts without the inconvenience of duplicating or creating separate contact records for each association.

By leveraging this Many-to-Many relationship, Mythradon's Account and Contact Management functionality ensures accurate and consolidated data representation. It simplifies the process of tracking and managing contacts' engagements across various accounts, streamlining workflows, and promoting a more holistic view of customer relationships without unnecessary data duplication or complexity. This approach optimises efficiency, enhances data integrity, and contributes to a more intuitive and user-friendly CRM experience for businesses dealing with complex contact interactions across multiple accounts.

Contact Detail View - Many-to-Many Relationship
Mythradon's Account to Contact Many-to-many relationship feature revolutionises data management by enabling flexible connections between accounts and contacts. This innovative functionality permits multiple contacts to be associated with various accounts, facilitating a deeper understanding of intricate business relationships. It eradicates the need for duplicating contact details across accounts, allowing for a singular contact record to be linked to multiple accounts effortlessly. Consequently, this approach offers a comprehensive view of interactions, collaborations, or engagements involving contacts across diverse accounts, enhancing data accuracy, and streamlining relationship management within the Mythradon platform.
Contact Detail View - Linking Contact to multiple Accounts
Address Validation

Accurate Address Selection with

Google Address Validation API

When entering or editing address information for Accounts or Contacts, the integration leverages Google Maps to validate and enhance the accuracy of the provided address details. As users input an address, the integration dynamically interacts with Google Maps, allowing for real-time verification and validation of the address data. This process ensures that the entered address is accurate, standardised, and valid according to Google Maps' extensive database.

Address Selection Image
As users input or modify address details for Accounts or Contacts, Mythradon's integration with Google Maps comes into play, verifying and refining the accuracy of the provided address information. This integration actively engages with Google Maps as the address is entered, offering real-time verification and validation of the data. This streamlined process guarantees that the entered address aligns with Google Maps' comprehensive database, ensuring accuracy, standardisation, and validity of the address data.
Address Selection & Validation using Google Maps
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Account & Contact Management

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