Mythradon's Document Management enables collaborative file access by allowing users to create shared folders with detailed access controls. This ensures a secure and organised collaborative environment, with the added benefit of seamless file access from any location or device with internet connectivity. This flexibility boosts productivity by facilitating file management and collaboration regardless of physical location or device.

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Elevate document management with Mythradon's secure Document Management capability, designed for enhanced collaboration and streamlined organisation of documents and files. Say goodbye to the hassle of chasing files via email or navigating complex directory structures. This solution optimises work processes, allowing users swift access and productivity gains.

Here's a detailed description of its capabilities:

Collaborative File Sharing: Create shared folders with robust access controls for a secure collaborative environment.

Flexible Access Anywhere, Anytime: Seamlessly access files from any location or device. Grant specific file access to clients and partners through the Mythradon Client and Partner Portals.

Document Status Management: Ensure relevance of files by managing the status of your documents including published and expiration dates. Automatically hide expired documents, ideal for managing price lists and product literature.

Easy, Quick Access: Quickly find files with full-text search across all fields, promoting efficiency. Use smart filters, sorting options, and our Kanban view to enhance organisation and accessibility.

Dynamic Entity Relationships: Mythradon provides default many-to-many relationships between Document entity type and Account, Opportunity, Contact and Lead. Administrators have the flexibility to create relationships with other entity types based on specific business requirements.

Document Folders: Efficiently categorise documents with navigable hierarchical folders. For added security, manage user access to document folders through Access Control Roles.

Email Integration: Users can add documents as attachments while composing emails, facilitating seamless sharing of relevant files.

Document Creation from Email Attachments: Create new documents directly from email attachments for simplified management.

Automatic Notification of Changes: Enable rule-based notifications to keep staff informed about document status changes.

Customisable: For a tailored solution you can modify the Document and Document Folder entities using Mythradon's Entity Manager and Layout Manager.

Mythradon's Document Management transcends traditional file systems, offering a secure, comprehensive solution for businesses of all sizes. From organisation and categorisation to life cycle management and accessibility, it's a valuable asset for modern businesses.

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