; Mythradon's Entity Types revolutionise the entity creation process by automating the setup of fields and relationships. This innovative feature not only expedites the creation of new Entities but also optimises resource allocation, ultimately maximising efficiency and productivity.
Customise Your System with Mythradon's

Entity Types

Mythradon's Entity Types streamline the process of field creation and relationship establishment when generating new Entities. Designed and built by software engineers, resulting in substantial time and resource savings.


Mythradon's Entity Types streamline the creation of Custom Entities by providing a convenient shortcut to avoid manual setup of extra fields, relationships, and screen layouts.

All Custom Entities must belong to specific entity types. For straightforward entities without relationships beyond System Users for created and last modified fields, the recommended choice is the Base entity type. If your entity necessitates linked emails, scheduled meetings, calls, or events and isn't a person or company, the Base Plus entity type is more suitable.

The Person and Company entity types are specifically designed for managing individual and business data.

Regardless of the selected entity type, users retain the flexibility to add additional fields and relationships as needed.


Default functionality with the

Base Entity Type

The Base entity type serves as the core category within the system, generating vital system fields including Name, Created and Last Updated timestamps, Assigned User, Teams, and Description. Additionally, it creates list and detail views, search filters, and mass update fields automatically.

The Base entity type functions as the foundational pillar within the system architecture, encompassing crucial system fields indispensable for streamlined operations. These include Name for entity identification, timestamps indicating creation and last update details, Assigned User for task allocation, Teams for collaborative structures, and Description for contextual information. This entity type not only establishes these essential fields but also orchestrates the creation of list and detail views, facilitating comprehensive data visualisation. Furthermore, it constructs search filters for refined data retrieval and mass update fields for efficient bulk modifications, ensuring a holistic and efficient user experience across the platform.
Base Plus
The Base Plus entity type builds upon the foundational functionalities offered by the Base entity type by introducing supplementary connections to Activities, History, and Task panels. Entities classified under the Base Plus category inherit an enhanced spectrum of features, empowering users with versatile tools. This expanded functionality enables effortless composition of emails, seamless scheduling of meetings and calls, and streamlined creation of associated tasks directly within the system. These integrated capabilities streamline workflow processes and foster efficient task management, offering users a comprehensive suite of tools to accomplish various activities seamlessly and collaboratively.

Related Activities & Email with

Base Plus Entity Type

The Base Plus entity type extends the functionalities of the Base entity type by incorporating additional relationships to Activities, History, and Task panels. Entities under the Base Plus category inherently possess advanced capabilities such as composing emails, scheduling meetings and calls, and creating associated tasks seamlessly within the system.


Custom Events in Mythradon's calendar with the

Event Entity Type

The Event entity type offers unique functionality, enabling records to function as calendar events or activities with defined start and end date/time details. Entries generated within entities of the Event type can be displayed within the Mythradon Calendar interface.

The Event entity type within Mythradon is designed with specialised features, granting records the ability to function as significant calendar events or scheduled activities. This entity type empowers users to input information with specific start and end dates/times, essentially transforming these records into pivotal time-bound events within the system.
What sets the Event entity apart is its capacity to seamlessly integrate these defined entries into the user-friendly Mythradon Calendar. This integration facilitates a consolidated view of scheduled events, providing users with a centralised and easily accessible platform to visualise, manage, and keep track of various activities and appointments. By harnessing the Event entity type, Mythradon ensures a cohesive and efficient approach to organising and displaying essential time-specific data within its calendar interface.
The Person entity type is specifically designed to store crucial individual details, including Name, Address, and Contact information. This entity type allows for the inclusion of multiple email addresses and phone numbers, enabling comprehensive data storage per person. Moreover, it establishes automatic connections to Activities, History, and Task panels, ensuring seamless integration and easy access to associated information. When the standard Contact entity doesn't fit your needs, the Person entity emerges as the ideal option for creating a customised person/party entity type. Its specialised functionalities and adaptable data storage capabilities make it a versatile and efficient solution for managing individual-specific data within the system.

Manage Individual Information with the

Person Entity Type

The Person entity type offers unique functionalities tailored for storing essential details associated with an individual, encompassing their Name, Address, and Contact information. This entity type accommodates multiple email addresses and phone numbers, facilitating comprehensive data storage for each person. Additionally, it establishes pre-configured connections to Activities, History, and Task panels, ensuring seamless integration and access to related information.

In instances where utilising the standard Contact entity may not align with your requirements, the Person entity stands out as an optimal choice for crafting a new person/party type entity. Its tailored features and flexible data storage options make it a versatile and efficient solution for managing individual-specific data within the system.


Streamlined Management of Business Information with the

Company Entity Type

The Company entity type is purpose-built to efficiently manage and store essential information related to businesses or companies. It offers a structured framework to capture fundamental details like the Company's Name, Address, and Contact information, ensuring a comprehensive profile for each entity. This entity type boasts flexible capabilities, accommodating various aspects of company data and facilitating seamless storage of crucial details.

Moreover, the Company entity establishes predefined connections to pivotal system elements such as Activities, History, and Task panels. This integration streamlines access to associated information, providing a consolidated view of the company's engagements and interactions within the system.

When the standard Account entity does not precisely meet your specific needs, the Company entity type emerges as a strategic alternative for creating a tailored entity type specifically designed for managing company/business-related data. Its adaptable features and structured data storage options make it a versatile choice for configuring and organising distinct company-specific details within the system. By leveraging the specialised functionalities of the Company entity type, users can efficiently handle and manage comprehensive company data, aligned precisely with their business requirements and workflows.

The Company entity type efficiently stores crucial business details like Name, Address, and Contact information. It seamlessly integrates with Activities, History, and Task panels, offering a consolidated view of company interactions. When the standard Account entity doesn't fit your needs, the Company entity provides a tailored option for managing company-specific data more effectively.
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