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Mythradon Customer Success Platform

Frequently Asked Questions

Mythradon's Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page is a valuable resource designed to address common queries and provide quick solutions to users, partners and potential customers.

About Mythradon

About Mythradon

Who is Mythradon?

Mythradon is a pioneering software company with a dedicated focus on developing and implementing customer relationship management applications, prominently known for its flagship Mythradon Customer Success Platform (CSP). Established in 2020, though its inception began back in 2007, the company is headquartered in Melbourne, Australia. The founders of Mythradon boast extensive experience in the software industry spanning over three decades, with a significant focus on the development and implementation of CRM systems. Their professional journey has encompassed direct engagements and contracting services for distinguished organisations, including Siebel Systems, Salesforce.com, Oracle, IBM, Deloitte, KPMG, MYOB, and a multitude of others. Over the years, they have played integral roles in aiding organisations across diverse industries to successfully deploy CRM systems, contributing their expertise in various capacities to ensure streamlined operations and enhanced customer relationship management.

What is Mythradon?

Mythradon, also referred to as the Mythradon Customer Success Platform (CSP), is a business application platform meticulously crafted to streamline a wide spectrum of business operations. Equipped with a comprehensive suite of integrated tools and functionalities spanning Customer Relationship Management (CRM), sales, service, marketing, and financial operations. Mythradon empowers businesses in optimising their business processes, enhancing customer interactions, and fostering overall growth.

Mythradon is an extremely flexible platform that enables customers to expand their instances by incorporating new fields, entities, and various entity relationships such as one-to-many, many-to-many, and many-to-one.

As a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) fully hosted solution, Mythradon alleviates the need for customers to supply server hardware, ensuring a secure system with robust backup mechanisms in place. Click here for additional technical details regarding the Mythradon Platform.

What does Mythradon Cost?

Mythradon offers three distinct subscription plans tailored to accommodate businesses, ranging from solo entrepreneurs to large enterprise organisations requiring support for thousands of concurrent users.

  • Essentials - $110 AUD / month, limited to two users - Specifically designed for solo entrepreneurs and startup organisations.
  • Professional - Starting at $400 AUD / month for 5 users. Additional users are $80 AUD / month. Ideal for small to medium-sized organisations.
  • Enterprise - Starting at $1000 AUD / month for 10 users. Additional users are $100 AUD / month. Geared towards larger organisations with more complex requirements.

Explore the pricing comparison matrix for a comprehensive overview of the capabilities and features available in each subscription plan.

Try before you buy

Try before you buy

Can I get a free trial?

Yes to can. Mythradon provides a 14-day free trial experience, during which the system is preloaded with sample data. This sample data is intended to assist users in gaining a better understanding of the platform's functionalities and operations.

You are welcome to input any data of your choice during the trial period. Please note that all data entered will be deleted at the conclusion of the trial. If you sign up for a new account, the system will be reset to its default, empty state.

Is a server or software installation required to use Mythradon?

Certainly not. There's no need to buy a server or install any software. Simply access Mythradon through your preferred web browser.

How long does it take to setup Mythradon CSP?

Mythradon becomes instantly available upon provisioning a new instance, typically within 30 minutes from the account signup. Your designated System Administrator will promptly receive an email containing login details and instructions to set a new password.

However, beyond the initial setup, several crucial configurations like user settings, data access roles, and customisation of quote and invoice templates require attention within your system. Mythradon provides comprehensive guidance and necessary details to assist your System Administrator in managing these aspects. These may take a few hours to work your way through.

For a seamless setup experience, an alternative option is to opt for one of our setup packages. These packages offer the convenience of having Mythradon handle all necessary configurations, ensuring a swift and hassle-free deployment process.

Can I import data from other resources?

Absolutely. Mythradon offers seamless data import capabilities, allowing you to efficiently transfer information from various resources. Our system supports the import of data from CSV file formats, enabling you to bring in a diverse range of information such as Accounts (including Companies and Businesses), Contacts, and more. Whether it's vital customer details, business records, or other essential data, our platform simplifies the process, ensuring a smooth transition of information into your Mythradon environment.

Can I migrate from Salesforce.com?

Absolutely. Mythradon has many engineers and specialists that are ex-Salesforce.com experts. We have specialized data extractions, transformation and load tools built specifically for migrating customers who use Salesforce.com onto Mythradon. Speak to our experts to gain a better understanding.

Security & Data Protection

Security & Data Protection

Is my data protected in Mythradon?

Yes it is. At Mythradon, ensuring the security of customer data encompasses a holistic approach, covering physical, digital, and application security aspects, along with system redundancy.

Regarding physical security, we recognise the criticality of safeguarding against unforeseen circumstances such as natural disasters or security breaches. Our data centres are strategically located to minimise exposure to such risks. These centres, appearing as inconspicuous warehouses, strictly enforce security protocols, including comprehensive employee and visitor screenings, limited entry points equipped with CCTV and security barriers, as well as two-factor authentication Access Control Systems. Additionally, employing a digital Visitor Management Solution ensures accountability for third-party contractors or visitors with ad hoc access. Our sites are also vigilantly monitored by 24/7 onsite security officers.

In the digital realm, Mythradon stands at the forefront of data privacy and security. We continuously fortify our web hosting and server products against cyber threats using cutting-edge DDoS prevention systems, round-the-clock network monitoring, and robust data backup and restoration facilities. Our dedicated Email Spam services help safeguard our IP addresses from blacklisting, complemented by expert server security hardening services and the operation of servers on security-hardened operating and file systems.

Within the Mythradon application, security measures are rigorously implemented. Password protection is fundamental for all users, supplemented by optional multi-factor authentication and adherence to industry-standard password policy rules. Our application keeps comprehensive logs for user access login history and user action history, providing detailed insights into login attempts and user actions. We offer optional support for LDAP integration for user authentication.

Our Role Based Security system in Mythradon is a robust feature, providing granular control over access levels and permissions. Administrators can define access rights to entities and fields, determining read, write, and export privileges, and controlling views and activities of users. Users are assigned roles to precisely delineate their permissible actions and access levels within the application.

Where is my data stored?

Mythradon boasts a robust infrastructure with active cloud servers strategically stationed in the United Kingdom and Australia. This deliberate setup ensures optimal service provision tailored to our clientele's geographic locations. Our European customers benefit from our United Kingdom-based servers, while our Australian clients leverage the superior performance of our servers located in Australia. We pride ourselves on partnering with top-tier data centres that uphold stringent compliance standards such as ISO 27001, ISO 14001, PCI DSS, SOC 1 Type II, SOC 2 Type II, HM Government G-Cloud Supplier, Cyber Essentials and Cyber Essentials Plus. These certifications underscore our unwavering commitment to data security, environmental responsibility, and operational excellence, reinforcing our dedication to providing reliable and secure services to our valued customers worldwide.

Does Mythradon comply with the Australian Data Privacy Policy?

Yes it does. Mythradon diligently adheres to the Australian Data Privacy Policy, which is in place to safeguard the privacy and security of personal information. This commitment extends to ensuring that our practices align with the principles and regulations set forth in the policy. We prioritise the protection of user data, employing robust security measures, encryption protocols, and access controls to maintain the confidentiality and integrity of information entrusted to us. Our compliance not only demonstrates our dedication to data privacy but also instils confidence in our users, assuring them that their data is handled with the utmost care and in accordance with Australian data privacy standards. We continuously stay informed about updates and changes to the policy to ensure ongoing compliance and the highest level of data protection.

Does Mythradon comply with GDPR?

Absolutely! - Mythradon places a strong emphasis on compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), an essential framework designed to protect the personal data and privacy of individuals within the European Union. In alignment with GDPR principles, Mythradon has taken significant steps to ensure that our servers are strategically located within Europe for our European customers. This strategic positioning enables us to adhere rigorously to GDPR's stringent data protection standards.

Can customers backup their own data?

Absolutely! - Mythradon ensures regular backups are in place for everyday system usage, enabling a swift database restoration by our technical support team in case of a system failure. However, despite this safety net, some of our valued customers prefer maintaining their own data backup strategy as an integral part of their overall data management and security model.

System Administrators are equipped with various backup functionalities for comprehensive data protection:

  • Database Backup: Generates a complete backup stored in a Zip file, containing a database schema SQL file along with CSV files for each table. This backup facilitates the restoration or construction of a full database copy on an external MySQL database.

  • Metadata Backup: Creates a backup specifically for the system's metadata configuration. This backup is tailored for migrating configurations from one environment to another, such as from Development to Test to Production.

  • Template Backup: Produces a backup of system templates, such as email templates. This backup is intended for migrating configurations across different environments, ensuring seamless transitions between them.

For further insights into this feature, please click here to explore additional details in our documentation.

Is it possible for us to manage and control the access levels for users?

Absolutely! - Mythradon offers robust control over both application functionality and data visibility through the utilisation of Roles and Teams. Roles play a pivotal part in managing CRUD (Create, Read, Update, and Delete) functionalities across all entities/objects within the system. They enable precise control over entities down to the field level, allowing users to be assigned one or more Roles to finely tune access to the functionalities they require. On the other hand, Teams are instrumental in governing which users have visibility over specific records or data within an entity.

To streamline the process for companies adopting Mythradon CSP, many predefined Roles have been provided, simplifying the initial setup on the platform.



Can we create new fields?

Certainly! - This particular functionality is available exclusively to organisations subscribed to our Professional or Enterprise plans. Unfortunately, it is not part of our Essentials Plan. However, by upgrading to our Professional or Enterprise plans, users unlock access to a suite of advanced features and tools, including the powerful Mythradon Entity Manager.

The Mythradon Entity Manager empowers users to add fields to nearly every object or entity within the system. Offering a diverse range of Data Types such as text, numbers, picklists, dates, and more, it caters to various data needs efficiently.

Does Mythradon provide detailed documentation?

Absolutely! - Mythradon prides itself on offering comprehensive and detailed documentation to assist users at every step of their journey. Through the Mythradon Bookshelf, users gain access to a wealth of resources, including extensive documentation covering various aspects of the platform's functionalities, features, integrations, and best practices. This robust documentation repository serves as a go-to resource, providing clear instructions, troubleshooting guides, tutorials, API references, and much more. Whether you're exploring the basics or seeking in-depth information, the Mythradon Bookshelf ensures that users have the tools and information they need for a smooth and successful experience with the platform. The Mythradon Bookshelf documentation is frequently updated with improved documentation and detailed instructions on new features.

Can the menus be customised?

Certainly! - Mythradon offers versatile menu customisation options, empowering both System Administrators and individual users to tailor menus according to their unique needs. System Administrators possess the capability to customise menu items globally for all users. Additionally, each individual user enjoys the autonomy to personalise their own menu, aligning it with their specific preferences and workflow.

Menu customisation entails a range of actions, including adding or removing menu items, altering icons and their colours, adjusting item positions within the menu, as well as adding or removing groups (sub-menus). This flexibility ensures that users can fine-tune their menu layouts to enhance efficiency and accessibility within the Mythradon platform.

Are separate development and testing environments available?

Yes, indeed! - We offer Development and Testing environments, commonly known as Sandbox environments. These environments serve as dedicated spaces for development and testing purposes. Please note that unless otherwise arranged, sandbox environments are subject to an additional monthly charge. To obtain further details on sandbox environments or their pricing, kindly get in touch with your dedicated Mythradon account manager.

Additionally, Mythradon provides essential tools for seamlessly migrating metadata configurations across different environments as customers progress through their software delivery life cycle. When deploying metadata configurations into a new environment, the process automatically implements the required database changes, such as introducing a new entity/object, field, or relationship. This streamlined approach ensures smooth transitions and efficient management of software developments.

Please take note: Small to medium-sized businesses typically may not necessitate additional Sandbox environments. However, for more intricate implementations, utilising such environments along with an appropriate deployment strategy is widely recognised as an industry best practice.

Is there a restriction on the quantity of new entities we can generate?

Absolutely not! As long as your Mythradon subscription plan falls under either the Professional or Enterprise tier, your system will have full access to the Mythradon Entity Manager. This powerful tool empowers users to create and modify new and existing entities/objects within the system.

Unlike numerous SaaS-based CRM platforms, Mythradon doesn't limit the number of new entities/objects that can be generated. Whether you require one-to-many, many-to-many, many-to-one, or one-to-one relationships between entities, the Mythradon Entity Manager can effortlessly establish the necessary entity relationships. Building a new entity/object automatically generates a variety of list and detail views, which can be further customised to align with your specific requirements.

The Mythradon Entity Manager boasts an array of data types, encompassing multi-field data types like address. For instance, the address data type automatically creates separate components/fields for the various elements of an address (street, city, state, postal code, and country). Moreover, it includes the functionality to perform a Google Maps address lookup for simplifying selection and validation of an address (provided users have their own Google Maps API Key).

This particular functionality is exclusively available to organisations subscribed to our Professional or Enterprise plans, and unfortunately not included in our Essentials Plan. However, by upgrading to our Professional or Enterprise plans, users unlock a spectrum of advanced features and tools, notably the Mythradon Entity Manager and Layout Manager.

General Functionality

General Functionality

Is there a global search feature available in Mythradon?

Absolutely! - The Mythradon Global Search is conveniently accessible at the top of all Mythradon screens, providing users with seamless search functionality.

System Administrators possess the capability to determine the entities included in the Global Search, tailoring it to specific organisational needs.

Search results are displayed in alphabetical order and furnish users with hyperlinks to navigate directly to the respective record. Additionally, the results offer contextual information to assist users in selecting the correct record efficiently.

Can attachments be uploaded in Mythradon?

Certainly! - In Mythradon, the capability to upload attachments is fully supported across numerous entities. Additionally, Mythradon accommodates both single and multiple file attachment data types, enabling System Administrators to utilise the Mythradon Entity Manager for adding new attachment fields to any standard or custom entity within the system.

Moreover, System Administrators possess the authority to define the file types and set maximum file sizes permissible for attachment. When a file is attached, it becomes linked to the respective record within the system. Mythradon's standard data access controls offer flexibility, allowing users to fine-tune permissions regarding who can upload and view file attachments, ensuring robust data security measures.

Please note the Mythradon Entity Manager is exclusively available to organisations subscribed to our Professional or Enterprise plans, and unfortunately not included in our Essentials Plan. However, by upgrading to our Professional or Enterprise plans, users unlock a spectrum of advanced features and tools, notably including the robust Mythradon Entity Manager.

Does Mythradon provide support for a payment gateway integration?

Certainly! - Mythradon currently offers support for the Stripe Payment Gateway. This integration allows for direct customer payments through the Mythradon Customer Portal or via employees. Utilising the Stripe Payment Gateway, customers can conveniently make payments directly from the relevant Invoice record with a simple button click.

Upon successful processing through Stripe, a payment record is automatically generated within Mythradon. The associated payment status on the related Invoice is promptly updated, and the Stripe Reference number is recorded on the Mythradon Payment record. Moreover, Mythradon seamlessly integrates with accounting systems like Xero, MYOB, or other compatible systems to ensure accurate payment recording.

Is there a Customer Portal available for implementation within Mythradon?

Certainly! - Mythradon supports both Customer and Partner portals. These are designed specifically to allow organisation to implement their own powerful self-service platform, granting customers access to a myriad of services round-the-clock. Mythradon's Portals empowers users to manage their accounts effortlessly, view invoices, track orders, and engage in seamless communication with the business at any hour. Through the portal, customers can resolve queries, seek support, and access vital information independently, significantly reducing reliance on direct customer support channels. Its user-friendly interface allows for convenient payment processing, enabling customers to make secure transactions with ease. By facilitating 24x7 self-service support, Mythradon's Customer Portal not only enhances customer satisfaction but also liberates businesses by efficiently handling routine inquiries, thereby focusing resources on more intricate and personalised customer interactions.

Is it possible to handle customer service tickets within Mythradon?

Absolutely! - Mythradon Service offers an extensive suite of Case Management functionalities designed to streamline and enhance customer service operations. Its Case Management system allows for the efficient handling, tracking, and resolution of customer inquiries, issues, or incidents. Users can create, assign, and prioritise cases, ensuring swift resolution and effective communication throughout the process. With robust features for categorising, tagging, and routing cases, it facilitates the organisation and management of diverse customer service requests. The system also enables agents to attach relevant documents, notes, or follow-up actions to each case, fostering a comprehensive and centralised repository of information. Furthermore, Mythradon Service typically incorporates workflows, escalations, and automation tools to optimise case resolution timelines, ensuring that customer needs are met promptly and efficiently. Overall, Mythradon Service's Case Management functionality significantly contributes to improving customer satisfaction by providing a structured and organised approach to handling customer service tickets or cases.

Is Mythradon accessible for use on mobile devices by our employees, customers, and partners?

Certainly! - Mythradon has been specifically crafted to operate seamlessly across a spectrum of devices including phones, tablets, laptops, and desktops. It functions within a web browser environment and boasts a modern, responsive user interface optimised for various screen sizes. It's important to note that Mythradon necessitates an active internet connection as it doesn't offer an offline mode. Additionally, it installs and runs as a PWA (Progressive Web Application) on both Apple devices (iPhone and iPad) as well as Android mobile devices, ensuring accessibility and user-friendliness across different platforms.

Is it possible to generate quotes within Mythradon?

Certainly! - Mythradon offers a comprehensive quoting functionality, empowering users to generate quotes seamlessly within the platform. This feature allows for the creation of detailed and customised quotes tailored to specific customer needs. Users can input pricing, product or service descriptions, quantities, discounts, and additional terms directly into the system. Mythradon's quoting tool streamlines the process, enabling swift creation, modification, and sharing of quotes with clients or internal teams. Moreover, the platform incorporates functionalities for quote tracking, and versioning ensuring efficient management throughout the quoting process. Overall, Mythradon's quoting capabilities facilitate accurate and professional quote generation, contributing to smoother sales processes and improved customer engagement.

Is it possible to generate invoices within Mythradon?

Absolutely! - Mythradon's invoicing functionality is robust and user-friendly, enabling effortless invoice generation directly within the platform. This feature empowers users to create highly detailed and personalised invoices tailored to specific customer requirements. Within the system, users can input diverse details such as pricing, product or service descriptions, quantities, discounts, and additional terms. Additionally, Mythradon's integrated quote-to-invoice feature simplifies the transition from quotes to invoices, ensuring a smooth process. The platform also facilitates sending PDF invoices via email, offering a range of customisable invoice PDF templates for professional communication. Furthermore, Mythradon seamlessly integrates with leading accounting systems like Xero, MYOB, or other compatible platforms, ensuring accurate and streamlined invoice recording. For those using the optional Warehouse & Stock Management app, physical stock levels are automatically adjusted, providing comprehensive inventory management alongside invoicing capabilities.

Application Development

Application Development

Can I build my own application on Mythradon?

Yes, Mythradon offers a highly flexible and customisable platform that allows users to build their own applications within the Mythradon Customer Success Platform (CSP). Here are some key features and capabilities that enable users to create their applications:

  • Custom Fields and Entities: Users can create custom fields and entities (database objects/tables) within the platform to tailor the data structure according to their specific requirements.

  • Relationships: Mythradon allows users to define various types of relationships between entities, such as one-to-many, many-to-many, and many-to-one relationships. This flexibility enables users to establish complex data relationships as needed.

  • Workflow Automation: The platform offers workflow automation tools that allow users to design custom workflows and automate repetitive tasks or business processes, ensuring streamlined operations.

  • Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) Model: As a fully hosted SaaS solution, Mythradon provides the infrastructure, eliminating the need for users to manage server hardware. Users can focus on developing their applications within the platform.

  • Development and Customisation: With its flexible architecture and robust development environment, users can create applications tailored to their specific business needs, enhancing productivity and addressing unique requirements.

  • Security and Backups: Mythradon ensures security measures to protect user data and provides backups to ensure the safety and integrity of the applications built within the platform.

Mythradon's flexible architecture and customisable features empower users to build and deploy their applications, enabling them to adapt the platform to suit their individual business needs and workflows.