; Mythradon's Sales Process Automation is a powerful suite that transforms and streamlines the entire sales journey. From lead to account, contact, and opportunity conversion, as well as quotes to invoice generation, it automates critical steps in the sales cycle. This automation enhances efficiency, reduces manual data entry, minimises errors, and accelerates the sales process. It empowers sales teams to focus on what they do best - closing deals - while ensuring seamless and accurate transitions from one stage to another. With Mythradon's Sales Process Automation, businesses can optimise their operations, drive revenue growth, and deliver a superior customer experience.
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Sales Process Automation

Mythradon's Sales Process Automation revolutionises the sales journey, automating key steps from lead to invoice generation. Boosting efficiency, minimising errors, and accelerating the process, it empowers sales teams to excel at what they do best – closing deals.


Mythradon's Sales Process Automation functionality is a comprehensive integrated solution designed to streamline and optimise the sales process from lead generation to revenue generation. Here's an overview of its key components and benefits:

  • Lead to Account, Contact, and Opportunity Conversion: Mythradon automates the conversion of leads into accounts, contacts, and opportunities. This ensures that the sales team is working with accurate and up-to-date information, reducing manual data entry and errors.

  • Quotes to Invoices: The platform simplifies the process of creating quotes and seamlessly converting them into invoices. This feature improves efficiency, accelerates the sales cycle, and ensures that customers receive accurate and timely invoices.

  • Seamless Integration: Access integration with leading accounting systems like Xero, MYOB, and other compatible platforms through an additional module available on the Mythradon AppStore. These modules streamline financial transaction processes, mitigating potential errors linked to manual data reentry and ensuring a smoother workflow.

  • Web-to-Lead: Mythradon includes web-to-lead functionality, allowing businesses to capture and convert leads directly from their websites or landing pages. This feature facilitates quick response times and lead nurturing.

  • Workflow Automation: Users can define and customise sales workflows, automating repetitive tasks, reminders, and follow-ups. This ensures that sales processes are consistently executed and that no leads or opportunities are overlooked.

  • Task Management: Sales teams can manage tasks and appointments within the platform, ensuring that critical actions, such as follow-up calls and meetings, are scheduled and completed on time.

  • Email Notifications: Mythradon provides email notifications and alerts to keep sales teams informed of important events, such as lead conversions or changes in opportunity status.

  • Analytics and Reporting: Comprehensive analytics and reporting tools offer insights into sales performance, pipeline visibility, conversion rates, and revenue projections. This data empowers sales managers to make informed decisions and optimise strategies.

  • Integration: Mythradon often integrates seamlessly with other modules, such as CRM, email marketing, and accounting, creating a unified platform for managing customer interactions and financial transactions.

  • Compliance: The platform supports compliance with data privacy regulations, ensuring that customer data is handled securely and in accordance with legal requirements.

Mythradon's Sales Process Automation functionality simplifies and enhances the sales journey. It automates key processes, reduces manual work, and provides valuable insights to improve sales team efficiency and drive revenue growth. From lead capture to closing deals and invoicing, it's a comprehensive solution for businesses seeking to optimise their sales operations.

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