; Say hello to the Mythradon Customer Success Platform - your business's ultimate sidekick! Loaded with all the essentials for growth: boosted revenue, slashed costs, and delighted customers.
Mythradon CSP - it's like a

Superhero for your business

Introducing the Mythradon Customer Success Platform - your business's superhero! Packed with everything you need for growth: increased revenue, reduced costs, and delighted customers.


Build your Dreams with

Mythradon CSP

Discover the secret to seamless business growth with the Mythradon Customer Success Platform. Building your business should be an exciting journey, not a struggle with rigid processes and unfriendly interfaces.

Our platform is your business's best friend, offering a toolbox filled with features to boost your revenue, cut costs, and enhance customer service. With our Professional and Enterprise subscription plans, you unlock the magic of Mythradon Tools that allow you to quickly and easily extend or modify the platform with new fields, entities, forms and lists without having to be a software engineer and without having to write a single line of code or perform any database operations.

Building your business is a big deal, right? Well, picking the right software is a game-changer. Imagine not getting stuck with complicated processes and forms that don't match how you work.
Meet the Mythradon Customer Success Platform - it's like a superhero for your business! It's got all the tools you need to grow: more money, fewer costs, and happier customers. Plus, with our cool plans (Professional and Enterprise), you can use our Entity and Layout Manager. What's that? It's like magic! You can tweak the platform without being a tech whiz-no coding or techy stuff needed. Add new things to fit your business, quick and easy. Say goodbye to tech stress and hello to business success with Mythradon!
At Mythradon, we've got your back with a superhero approach to comprehensive data and system security. Whether it's physical, digital, or application security, we've got all angles covered!
Our 24/7 security monitoring ensures a peaceful sleep by safeguarding your data in both the virtual and physical worlds. The Mythradon Customer Success Platform offers a robust set of controls, from User Access and Action History Logs to 2 Factor Authentication and LDAP integration, ensuring fortress-like protection.
But here's the kicker: we're not just the bouncer at the data party; we give you the power too. With Role Based Security, dictate who accesses what and control data export, mass updates, and viewing privileges. Still have concerns? Our Data Export System Administration tool lets you download your entire database for a seamless rebuild in a MySQL-compatible format. It's that simple!

Sleep easy

Mythradon has you covered

At Mythradon, we adopt a comprehensive approach to data and system security, meticulously addressing various aspects such as physical, digital, and application security.

While digital security functions as the guardian of the virtual realm, we extend our protective measures to the physical world as well. Recognising the potential disruptions posed by natural disasters or unexpected visitors, we ensure a robust defence against both cyber and tangible threats.

Concerned about unwarranted digital intrusions? Fear not! Our premium security monitoring operates around the clock, relieving you of the burden of constant vigilance. We handle the complexities, allowing you to rest assured that your data is securely housed in a separate secondary site.

In terms of application security, our Mythradon Customer Success Platform is fortified with an array of controls to safeguard your data:

  • 🔒 User Access Control
  • 🔐 Multi-Factor Authentication for enhanced security
  • 🔑 Password Policy Control to enforce robust password practices
  • 📜 User Access and Action History Logs for meticulous tracking
  • 🌐 Optional support for Single Sign-On (SSO) via LDAP or OIDC integration, simplifying user authentication

Our Role-Based Security empowers you to govern access privileges:

  • 🚫 No Access, Read-Only, or Read/Write permissions over Entities and Fields
  • 📊 Control over exporting data and mass updates, adhering to your rules
  • 📅 Management of VIP access to specific records such as opportunities, activities, and calendars

Think of Mythradon as the discerning bouncer at an exclusive data party, selectively permitting entry to the right individuals.

Still harbouring uncertainties? No problem! Our reliable Data Export System Administration tool allows you to download your entire database, along with the database schema, serving as a fail-safe to rebuild everything in a MySQL-compatible database.

Data Center

Top Tier

Data Centres

Our data centres are like Fort Knox for your information, and here's why:

Picture this: Mythradon systems chilling in top-tier, super-secure ISO-27001, ISO-14001:2015, SOC 1 Type II, SOC 2 Type II, PCI DSS compliant data centres right in your country. We've got a daily backup routine, covering everything in your system including emails, files, calendar events, accounts, contacts - everything. And guess what? We keep these backups in a secondary in-country data centre, ready to dance even if disasters like fires, earthquakes, or unexpected guests decide to crash the party.

Let's look into the N+1 redundancy that perpetually keeps our systems primed for operation:

  • ✨ N+1 Redundant UPS Power (Uninterruptible Power Supply)
  • ✨ N+1 Backup Generators
  • ✨ N+1 Cooling Infrastructure
  • ✨ N+1 Chillers N+20% Computer Room Air Conditioner (CRAC)
  • ✨ Computer Room Air Conditioner (CRAH) units and water-cooled centrifugal chillers
  • ✨ Regular testing and maintenance, adhering to our commitment to peak performance
  • ✨ Diverse fibre entry points to each location, ensuring robust connectivity
  • ✨ State-of-the-art fire detection and suppression systems:
    • VESDA, smoke & heat detectors
    • Double-interlocked pre-action sprinklers (dry pipe)
  • ✨ 24/7 Environmental Monitoring
  • ✨ First-class Service Level Agreements (SLAs) for server replacement, guaranteeing new hardware within 2 hours

Regardless of your business size, at Mythradon, we afford your data the VIP treatment.

Mythradon – where your data's safety stands as our unwavering priority!

Welcome to Mythradon, where your data's security is top-notch! Our data centres, fortified like Fort Knox, boast top-tier certifications like ISO-27001, ISO-14001:2015, SOC 1 Type II, SOC 2 Type II, and PCI DSS compliance. With daily backups stored in a secure secondary data centre within your country, we're prepared for anything - from fires to unexpected guests.
Now, let's talk N+1 magic - the secret sauce to keep our systems always ready to roll. From redundant UPS power to backup generators, cooling infrastructure, and diverse fibre entry points, we've got it all. Our next-level fire detection and suppression systems, combined with 24/7 environmental monitoring, ensure your data's comfort and safety.
And for you, the small to medium-sized business champs, we treat your data like a VIP at Mythradon. Picture it strolling down the red carpet at a fancy bank because that's how important it is to us! Mythradon - where your data's safety is our ultimate priority.