Mythradon Enterprise

Embark on an advanced operational journey

Mythradon Enterprise is tailored for businesses ready to transcend the professional phase and embark on an advanced operational journey.


The Mythradon Enterprise subscription plan has been meticulously crafted and competitively priced to specifically cater to the discerning needs of medium to large-sized businesses.

This plan encompasses the full spectrum of out-of-the-box capabilities and features offered in the Mythradon Professional plan. Furthermore, it integrates a suite of supplementary features specifically tailored to address the needs of well-established businesses, incorporating essential tools such as the Mythradon Contract Management, Business & Compliance Registers, and Proposal Generator Apps.

Aligned with the Mythradon Professional plan, the Enterprise subscription plan includes the Mythradon Entity Manager and Layout Manager. These tools function as a private database in the cloud, empowering users to create custom entities, modify fields, lists, forms, and more, all with robust data access control. This capability proves invaluable for distinct projects, facilitating the transition away from traditional spreadsheets and file directories.

In addition to furnishing you with a cost-effective business application platform featuring a comprehensive CRM, this plan also incorporates contract management, proposal generation, ISO compliance registers, and Single Sign-On capabilities. These elements are integral for optimising and streamlining processes within larger organisations.

Key Features

  • Contract Management: Mythradon's Contract Management app transforms the handling of contract terms and conditions, providing a sophisticated platform for businesses to manage crucial agreements effortlessly. This versatile application enables users to effortlessly append vital documents, such as PDFs, privacy policies, and price lists, to contracts, establishing a comprehensive digital record of all associated materials. Beyond simplifying document management, the system enhances the delivery of these contracts to customers or prospects, fostering efficient digital acceptance.

  • Proposal Generator: Streamlines your proposal creation process saving valuable time with providing proposals for your products and services to your customers and prospects.

  • Business & Compliance Registers: The Enterprise plan includes the Mythradon Business & Compliance Registers App which encompasses a range of dedicated entities designed to streamline various critical business processes, including:

    • Asset Register: serves as an all-encompassing record-keeping system meticulously designed to catalogue and monitor an organisation's tangible and intangible assets. Effectively track and register all company assets, including warranty details, purchase dates, costs, and suppliers. Facilitate scheduled reviews with automatic reminders to designated team members, and seamlessly attach receipts, manuals, warranty documents, and more, streamlining the tracking and management of pertinent documents associated with each asset.

    • Business Risk Register: Empowers your organisation to record, assess, and manage potential risks affecting the operation, financial health, reputation, or strategic objectives. It serves as a centralised repository for documenting various risks, their potential consequences, and the measures or strategies in place for mitigation. The purpose of Mythradon's Business Risk Register is to offer a clear and comprehensive overview of the potential threats and challenges faced by your business, facilitating proactive risk management, informed decision-making, and the development of effective risk mitigation plans.

    • Incident Management: Facilitates the tracking and responsive handling of events causing business disruption, offering insights to prevent similar occurrences in the future. This encompasses a wide range of incidents, such as reports of employee bullying, cyber attacks, exposures to chemicals and other hazards, injuries, IT outages, equipment failure, and more.

    • Significant Events Register: Organisations utilise this tool to document and monitor impactful incidents, occurrences, or milestones that significantly influence the business. These events encompass positive achievements and negative incidents, ranging from major project milestones, significant financial transactions, and unexpected challenges to alterations in product ingredients, packaging, suppliers, freight companies, or other noteworthy accomplishments. The register offers a chronological and detailed record of these events, aiding in the identification of potential root causes for both positive and negative changes within your business.

    • Domain Name Register: simplifies the task of tracking and renewing domain names, offering timely notifications for renewals and the capability to log discussions and activities related to the administration of each domain.

  • LDAP Single Sign On: Mythradon's LDAP Support is a flexible feature that makes it easy to connect with LDAP (Lightweight Directory Access Protocol) systems, including well-known services like Active Directory and OpenLDAP. It ensures a smooth and secure way to manage user access and identity within the Mythradon platform, utilizing existing LDAP infrastructure.

  • OpenID Connect Single Sign On: Mythradon's support for the OpenID Connect (OIDC) protocol for authentication offers users a convenient and secure way to access multiple systems used by their organisation using a single, unified account. This feature allows users to authenticate into the Mythradon platform via identity providers that support OpenID Connect, streamlining the login process and promoting a cohesive user experience.

  • 500K Contact Allowance: Includes a Contact Record Allowance of 500,000 records. Additional blocks can be purchased if required.

  • 500K Lead Allowance: Includes a Lead Record Allowance of 500,000 records. Additional blocks can be purchased if required.

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