; Mythradon's integration with the Stripe Payment Gateway is a robust solution designed to streamline and enhance payment processing for businesses. By leveraging the security and reliability of one of the world's leading payment gateways, this integration ensures a seamless transaction experience. Stripe's advanced security features provide a secure environment for processing online payments, safeguarding sensitive financial information during transactions. Through this integration, businesses can accept various payment methods, including credit and debit cards, Apple Pay, Google Pay, and other digital wallets, catering to diverse customer preferences. Additionally, the Stripe Payment Gateway integration allows for effortless setup and configuration, providing businesses with a convenient and efficient payment processing system that meets industry standards for security and reliability.
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Mythradon's integration with the Stripe Payment Gateway offers businesses a secure and streamlined payment processing solution, leveraging Stripe's industry-leading security features.


Mythradon's integration with the Stripe Payment Gateway offers businesses a secure solution aimed at optimising and simplifying payment processing. This integration capitalises on the security and dependability of one of the foremost payment gateways globally. It guarantees a smooth transactional journey, employing Stripe's advanced security measures to ensure the protection of sensitive financial data during online transactions. By integrating with Stripe, businesses can accept an array of payment methods, including credit and debit cards, Apple Pay, Google Pay, and various digital wallets, accommodating diverse customer preferences. Moreover, the Stripe Payment Gateway integration boasts effortless setup and configuration, providing businesses with a convenient, efficient, and industry-standard-compliant payment processing system.

Key features of the Mythradon-Stripe Payment Gateway integration include:

  • Off-Page Transactions: Mythradon doesn't process payments on its hosted page or site. When making a payment within Mythradon, users are redirected to a secure Stripe-hosted page. This method avoids potential security risks, like man-in-the-middle attacks, ensuring a safer transactional experience away from the Mythradon system.

  • No Storage of Credit Card Information: At no point does Mythradon retain or store any credit card details. Instead, credit card information is directly entered through the secure Stripe payment gateway hosted pages, ensuring enhanced data security and compliance with industry standards for sensitive information handling. This approach eliminates the risk of credit card data exposure within the Mythradon system, providing a safer payment processing environment for users.

  • Effortless Payment Recording: After successfully finalising a transaction via the Stripe payment gateway, Mythradon automatically generates a corresponding payment record and allocates it to the relevant sales invoice. Vital transaction specifics from Stripe, including details about the transaction, are seamlessly recorded within Mythradon. This systematic approach allows your finance team to effortlessly reconcile transactions conducted via the Stripe Payment Gateway with their corresponding records in Mythradon.

  • Seamless Accounting Integration: For users employing the Mythradon Xero or MYOB accounting system apps, payment records undergo automatic synchronisation with the selected accounting system, ensuring effortless integration and accurate financial tracking.


Using the Stripe payment gateway offers several benefits for businesses:

  • Security: Stripe provides advanced security measures, including encryption and compliance with industry standards, ensuring the protection of sensitive customer payment information.

  • Diverse Payment Options: It supports various payment methods such as credit and debit cards, digital wallets (Apple Pay, Google Pay), and local payment methods, accommodating diverse customer preferences.

  • Global Reach: Stripe operates in numerous countries, allowing businesses to accept payments from customers worldwide.

  • Efficiency and Automation: Stripe enables automatic payment processing, reducing manual effort for businesses by streamlining payment workflows.

  • Transparent Pricing: It offers transparent pricing models with competitive rates and no hidden fees, providing clarity in transaction costs.

  • Scalability: Stripe's infrastructure is designed to handle varying transaction volumes, supporting businesses as they grow.

  • Reliability: Its uptime and reliability are consistently high, ensuring uninterrupted payment processing for businesses and customers.

The Mythradon and Stripe Payment Gateway integration combines the robust capabilities of Stripe's leading payment gateway with Mythradon's efficient platform. This integration ensures secure, streamlined, and flexible payment processing for businesses. By leveraging Stripe's advanced security measures, diverse payment options, and global reach, Mythradon users can manage transactions seamlessly. Additionally, this integration eliminates the need for credit card details to be stored within the Mythradon system, enhancing security. Automatic payment record creation and synchronisation between Stripe and Mythradon enable easy reconciliation and accurate financial tracking. Overall, this integration offers businesses a reliable, secure, and user-friendly solution for handling online payments.

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