; Mythradon's Layout Manager offers System Administrators precise control over form and list configurations. It enables easy addition, modification, and removal of fields on various interfaces, allowing customisation tailored to specific needs. Administrators can adjust panel styles, apply conditional logic, and define fields for Search Filters and Mass Updates, ensuring a flexible and efficient user interface.
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Mythradon's Layout Manager is a user-friendly and easy-to-use tool designed to empower System Administrators by offering seamless control over form and list configurations. With this tool, administrators can effortlessly add, modify, or remove fields displayed on various forms and lists, tailoring the interface to specific needs.


The Mythradon Layout Manager serves as a tool for System Administrators and Developers, empowering them to personalise how fields are organised across interfaces like forms and lists. It offers the flexibility to modify Detail, Edit, and List views, as well as options to configure search filters and fields within mass-update forms. Each entity provides predefined views that users can adapt to their specific preferences and functional needs.

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The Mythradon Layout Manager streamlines the process of adjusting layouts through an intuitive drag-and-drop system. Designers can easily relocate fields from the field list and position them onto designated field placeholders with seamless efficiency.
Drag-and-Drop Fields

The Mythradon Layout Manager simplifies layout adjustments through a drag-and-drop system. Designers can effortlessly move fields from the field list and place them onto designated field placeholders.

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