; Mythradon upholds innovation, integrity, and customer-centricity as its core values. These principles drive its pursuit of pioneering solutions, ethical conduct, and unwavering focus on meeting customer needs.

Core Values

Mythradon's core values embody a commitment to innovation, integrity, and customer-centricity. With a dedication to pioneering solutions, Mythradon fosters a culture of continuous improvement and forward-thinking strategies.

Our Vision

Our Vision

At Mythradon, our vision is to establish an exceptional company. We strive to create a robust Customer Success Platform as the cornerstone for outstanding business solutions. Our aim is to cultivate a company that is not only esteemed, trusted, and well-liked, but one that will endure and flourish for years to come. Since our inception, we have made substantial strides toward realising this aspiration.

Our Mission

Our Mission

Our mission at Mythradon is to become a reputable and esteemed organisation, placing significant value on nurturing strong relationships with our clients, partners, and workforce. We are dedicated to crafting an exceptional Customer Success Platform, aiming to set industry standards and exceed expectations.

Our Core Values

Our Core Values

Customer Satisfaction: Customer satisfaction is our utmost priority, and we consider it a privilege to serve our customers. Our primary aim is to achieve 100% customer satisfaction and strive for 100% referenceability, maintaining the highest professional standards and courtesy throughout our interactions.

Professional Courtesy: We uphold the utmost standards of business ethics and professional conduct in all our endeavours.

Professionalism: We exemplify top-tier professionalism and excellence in every aspect of our operations.

Goal and Action Focused: In our pursuit of goals, we prioritise taking decisive action.

Customer Satisfaction

Customer Satisfaction

At Mythradon we consider it a privilege to serve customers and prioritise achieving 100% customer satisfaction.

  • We develop products tailored to fulfill customer requirements and needs.
  • We dedicate ourselves to ensuring 100% success for our customers.
  • We commit to going above and beyond to resolve any customer problems or concerns promptly and professionally.
  • We continually monitor, measure, and track customer satisfaction to drive ongoing business and product improvement.
  • We align all incentive compensation with customer satisfaction metrics.
  • We extend the same level of care and consideration to customers as one would to esteemed guests.
Professional Courtesy

Professional Courtesy

At Mythradon we uphold the utmost standards of business ethics and professional courtesy in all interactions.

  • We foster open and prompt communication among team members, customers and partners.
  • We employ a constructive and respectful tone in all forms of communication.
  • We extend full cooperation and support to all individuals within the Mythradon “ecosystem”.
  • We acknowledge and allow individuals the opportunity to learn from their mistakes.
  • We maintain a zero-tolerance policy towards any legal or ethical breaches.
  • We dress suitably as per the tasks and roles undertaken.
  • We cultivate a professional work environment that signifies a commitment to excellence and quality.


At Mythradon we exhibit the highest levels of professionalism and unwavering quality in all endeavours.

  • We establish and uphold the highest standards and expectations for personal performance.
  • We lead by setting a strong example for others to follow.
  • We adopt an ownership mindset, acting as stakeholders rather than mere employees.
  • We refrain from saying, "That's not my job," taking accountability for tasks beyond individual roles.
  • We prioritise company interests above personal or group interests for the collective benefit.
Goal & Action Focused

Goal & Action Focused

At Mythradon we embrace a bias for action when pursuing our objectives.

  • We set ambitious yet realistic objectives for ourselves.
  • We attend meetings punctually and equipped with relevant facts and information.
  • We demonstrate readiness to promptly change direction when needed.
  • We acknowledge and reward exceptional performance accordingly.
  • We take the lead and initiate action when necessary.
  • We embrace progress and continuously move forward toward our goals.
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