; With an array of customisation options, including layout adjustments, branding elements incorporation, and dynamic content integration, users can effortlessly produce standardised and visually appealing PDFs. The PDF Templates tool streamlines document creation, ensuring consistency, professionalism, and accuracy across various documents, such as quotes, invoices, reports, and more.
Create professional PDFs with Mythradon's

PDF Templates

Mythradon's PDF Templates feature offers a versatile and efficient solution for creating and customising professional-grade PDF documents. This functionality allows users to design, personalise, and generate tailored templates that align with their brand and specific business requirements.


PDF Templates in Mythradon are pre-created documents that offer certain formatting and information, enabling users to save time and maintain company standards by utilising predefined templates. These templates employ Merge Fields, allowing the insertion of data from the current record into the document when generating the PDF.

The advantages of PDF documents are multifaceted, as they are permanent, portable across various devices, compact for easy sharing, searchable, and visually compelling. Within Mythradon, PDF Templates can be created for most entities, such as Accounts, Contacts, Leads, Opportunities, or custom entities. These templates support the inclusion of data from both base records and related child records, facilitating detailed documentation such as Invoice Headers with related Line Items or Account details with related Contacts.

Mythradon PDF Templates also provide advanced features including the use of HTML and CSS for generating Header, Body, and Footer sections, Merge Fields functionality encompassing base and related entities, various fonts, conditional and looping logic, basic mathematical functions, images, diverse types of Bar and QR codes, Google Maps integration, multiple date and time formatting options, and Risk Matrix Fields. These capabilities empower users to create highly customised and visually engaging PDF documents to meet diverse business needs.

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Professional PDF Creation with Mythradon's

PDF Templates

Discover the potential of seamless and professional document creation with Mythradon's PDF Templates by signing up for our 14-day free trial. Our innovative platform provides a comprehensive suite of tools allowing you to design, personalise, and generate tailored PDF templates that align with your brand and business needs.

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