The white-label partner program offered by Mythradon provides an exciting avenue for businesses aiming to utilise our state-of-the-art solutions while maintaining a distinct brand identity. Whether the objective is to brand a CRM or create a customised application, the Mythradon white-label partnership is a standout choice.

Mythradon's White-Label Partner Program


Mythradon's White-Label Partner Program presents an exciting opportunity for businesses seeking to leverage our cutting-edge solutions under their own brand identity. Whether the goal is to brand your own CRM or build a customised application, the Mythradon white-label partnership stands out as an excellent choice.

In this exclusive collaboration, partners can not only utilise the standard CRM functionality but also construct fully customised applications on the Mythradon Customer Success SaaS Platform allowing for seamless rebranding and integration into their suite of offerings. Going beyond visual customisation, and the creation of new entities, fields and relationships, partners enjoy the flexibility to tailor the user experience, domain name, and feature sets, ensuring a precise alignment with their brand strategy.

What are the sales quotas?

This is not a partnership where Mythradon sets sales targets or quotas. This is a partnership that allows businesses to build and grow their own applications with their own branding in their own time.

Who owns the relationship with the end customer?

In this model, partners own the relationship with the end customer, with Mythradon maintaining no direct relationship unless specifically requested by the partner. Partners purchase subscriptions at wholesale prices, allowing them to set their own retail prices. The contractual process is straightforward, involving an agreement between Mythradon and the partner for their wholesale subscription. White-label partners manage their own contracts with their end customers.

Who is responsible for customer support?

White-label partners assume responsibility for first-tier customer support, with access to second-tier support from Mythradon. Mythradon provides partners with access to our partner support portal, partner training and training material.


Don't reinvent the wheel

Mythradon's white-label partnership presents partners with the opportunity to save valuable time, resources, and effort. It empowers partners to integrate our innovative solutions seamlessly into their brand identity, transforming concepts and ideas from the drawing board to reality efficiently and cost-effectively. The advantages of Mythradon's White-label partnership extend beyond these core benefits:

  • Faster Time-to-Market: Partners can expedite the launch of their products or services, leveraging the completed infrastructure and development work provided by the original Mythradon CSP.

  • Time and Cost Savings: White-labelling the Mythradon CSP enables partners to bypass the laborious and expensive process of creating a new product. They can simply utilise an existing, proven application.

  • Brand Extension: With an accelerated time-to-market, white-label partners can swiftly diversify their product or service offerings under their own brand, eliminating the need for extensive development efforts.

  • Focus on Core Competencies: Mythradon remains dedicated to advancing the development, innovation, and quality control of the Mythradon CSP. This allows white-label partners to concentrate on marketing, sales, and customer service under their own brand.

  • Risk Mitigation: White-label partners mitigate substantial risks associated with product development by working with an established product that has a proven track record in the market.

  • Enhanced Scalability: White-labelling the Mythradon CSP provides a highly scalable model, enabling partners to expand their offerings without incurring proportionate increases in development costs.

  • Customisation Opportunities: Partners enjoy the flexibility to customise the Mythradon CSP to better suit their target market, fostering a unique and tailored offering under their brand.

  • Access to Expertise: Partners gain valuable access to Mythradon's expertise and experience, particularly in terms of product knowledge, technical support, and ongoing improvements.

  • Market Competitiveness: White-label partners can maintain a competitive edge by offering a diverse range of products without the need for extensive investments in research and development.

What Mythradon Provides

What Partners can expect from Mythradon

Mythradon provides white-label partners with a robust and customisable platform, allowing them to present our innovative solutions under their own brand identity. The key offerings include:

  • Customisation Options: Partners can tailor the user experience, domain, and feature sets to align with their brand strategy.

  • Branded Experience: The opportunity to provide clients with a fully branded experience, reinforcing partners' brand identity throughout the user interface.

  • Direct Client Relationship: Mythradon handles the first level of customer support, ensuring a seamless experience, while partners maintain a direct relationship with their clients.

  • Flexibility and Control: White-label partners enjoy unparalleled flexibility and control over the presentation and delivery of Mythradon's solutions, adapting them to their unique business requirements with the inclusion of both the Mythradon Entity Manager and Layout Manager.

  • Additional Revenue Streams: Partners can seamlessly integrate and offer additional services and products alongside Mythradon's platform, creating diversified revenue streams or enhancing their solution.

  • Training and Support: Comprehensive training and support resources to empower partners in effectively presenting, implementing, and supporting Mythradon's solutions under their brand.

  • Regular Updates: Partners receive regular updates on product enhancements and new features, ensuring that they can provide their clients with the latest and most innovative solutions.

  • Collaborative Relationship: Mythradon actively collaborates with white-label partners to ensure their success, providing guidance and support throughout the partnership.

Mythradon's commitment is to empower white-label partners with the tools and support needed to create a successful, fully branded experience for their clients, fostering a strong and lasting partnership.

Referral Partner Model

Other Partner Models from Mythradon

If you're comfortable with Mythradon having a direct relationship with the end customer and don't require full control over customisation and branding, our Referral Partner model could be the right choice. This model provides ongoing commissions and rewards for introducing clients to Mythradon. Whether you lean towards complete brand control or prefer a streamlined referral process, Mythradon has the ideal partnership model for your business needs.

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